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Conditions of Carriage (Romantic Road/Romantische Straße)

The General Conditions of Carriage for Tram and Omnibus Operations, as well as for line operation of motor vehicles, are valid in the version of 27 February 1970, last altered by Article 1 of the order concerning the alteration of the regulation governing the General Conditions of Carriage for Tram and Omnibus Operations as well as that concerning the alteration of the Railway Operations Ordinance of 15 October 2002 and the Special Conditions of Carriage for Omnibus Line Operations of Touring Tours & Travel GmbH (in the following TTT).


1. Tickets


1.1 Each passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket. One-way tickets are valid only upon the day of travel. In the case of return tickets, the return journey must be undertaken within one month of arrival at the destination.

1.2 Tickets can be bought at the ticket sales points, on the Internet, or from the bus driver.

1.3 Tickets must be held at the ready for inspection until the journey has been completed. They are to be kept in such a way as to enable inspection by personnel of TTT at all times.


2. Ticket Prices


2.1 Ticket prices are on display at all ticket sales points, or on the Internet. Enquiries about prices can also be made by telephone at TTT.

2.2 Except where specifically compulsory by law, the cumulation of discounts on ticket prices is excluded.


3. Increased Cost of Carriage


3.1 Passengers travelling without a valid ticket must pay increased costs of carriage. The option of consequent legal action against the person or persons involved remains unaffected. 

3.2 The increased cost of carriage as set forth in 3.1 above is double the normal ticket price for the distance covered by the passenger, in any case at least € 40 plus the ticket price for the distance remaining to the destination. If the passenger cannot prove the distance already covered, the commencement point of the omnibus line operation shall be taken as the starting point.

3.3 The increased cost of carriage is to be paid within two weeks of the claim being made. After this period of time, every written reminder of payment will cost an additional € 15.

3.4 Passengers travelling without a valid ticket must state their correct identity and must identify themselves with an official document upon request.


4. Baggage Conveyance


4.1 Hand baggage that can be stowed in the baggage net of the passenger section or under the front seat will be transported free of charge. Each passenger must ensure that baggage is stowed in such a manner that safety and efficiency of operation are not impeded, and other passengers are not disturbed or endangered in any way.

4.2 Each passenger may take one piece of baggage with him or her (size of baggage: length + width + height = maximum 160 cm altogether) free of charge. If there is room enough, further pieces of baggage can be conveyed at a charge of € 3 per piece.

4.3  may not contain any materials which could in any way endanger the bus or its passengers.

4.4 Passengers are required to check that baggage has been properly stowed prior to departure. Passengers are required to take the baggage belonging to them immediately upon arrival at the destination.


5. Transport of Animals


5.1 The transport of dogs is permitted solely under the supervision of a suitable person. Dogs posing a possible danger to other passengers must be muzzled. The charge for transporting dogs is 50% of the regular cost of carriage for human passengers.

5.2 Seeing-eye dogs accompanying the blind are to be transported in all cases.

5.3 Small animals must be carried in appropriate cages or containers.

5.4 Animals may not be placed upon seats.


6. Transport of Bicycles


Bicycles will be conveyed, if capacity is available and this has been arranged prior to departure. For this conveyance the charges are as per the published tariffs.


7. Lost or Left Baggage and Other Found Items


Left baggage or other items found shall be kept by TTT at their business premises for a period of two months. Passengers can reclaim such at these premises. Sending or transporting such items for the purpose of reclamation is subject solely to agreement made between the passenger and TTT. TTT shall bill the passenger accordingly and suitably. After the passage of two months, TTT may use the items as desired or sell them. For the storage and safe-keeping of said items a charge of € 2 for each day commenced may be made.


8. Passenger Responsibilities


8.1 Any and all instructions issued by drivers and other TTT personnel are to be obeyed by passengers.

8.2 TTT personnel are empowered to refuse carriage to any persons clearly under the influence of alcohol. In such cases the person under the influence has no right to alternative transportation.

8.3 In the case of disruptions of service, each passenger has a certain obligation by law to do everything reasonable in his or her power to help to overcome the disruption, and to aid in limiting or avoiding possible damage, as far as such action or actions can reasonably be expected of the passenger.

8.4 Passengers are liable for any damage they have culpably caused to the bus.

8.5 Passengers causing defilement of the bus must pay a cleaning fee of € 30. However, the passenger is permitted to show that the damage has either not occurred, or is considerably less than the fee named above. TTT reserve the right to assert greater damage or damages.

8.6 TTT may cancel the contract of carriage with immediate effect when, despite being warned,  passengers behave so disruptively that further travel is not reasonable and it cannot be reasonably expected of the driver or the other passengers or both to carry on under such circumstances. This is also valid when passengers do not follow instructions, as far as such instructions are objectively based. The carrier is entitled to the price of carriage in such cases, unless the economic loss can be avoided by selling the seat thus vacated.

8.7 Each passenger is required by law to use seat belts if these are provided on the bus.


9. Liability


The carrier is liable as set forth in § 14 of the General Conditions of Carriage.


10. Cancellation, Change of Reservation


10.1 If the passenger cancels a contract of carriage (cancellation) or if a passenger does not undertake a reserved journey, the carrier is still entitled to a fee for carriage according to the following stipulations to the amount of a lump sum and any costs for money transfer.

10.2 When the passenger cancels the contract of carriage up to three days before undertaking the journey, then the passenger must pay 25 %  of the ticket price as set out in the contract cancelled, or  not less than a lump sum of € 5.00. If the cancellation is made less than three days prior to the commencement of the journey, then the carrier is entitled to a carriage fee to the amount of 50 % of the ticket price as set out in the contract cancelled, or not less than a lump sum of € 10.00. If the passenger does not commence the journey as booked, without cancelling the contract of carriage beforehand, the carrier is entitled to the full carriage fee.

10.3 Carriage fees already paid can only be refunded upon proper application to TTT; the ticket must be handed in to TTT within one month following the planned commencement of the journey. No claims can be considered after this period of time.



11. Place of Jurisdiction


Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract of carriage lies in Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany.


12. Invalidity of Individual Clauses


The invalidity of individual clauses in the contract of carriage has no effect whatsoever on the validity of the rest of the contract.